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History and Awards

Mission that motivates

If ever you saver a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee with the Laubschers of HDL Jewellers, a few things will find resonance in your opinion of them. These characteristics are the pillars upon which they continue to build their business legacy.

  • They are ever passionate about what they do. In the first generation the passion was all about the work in progress. In the second generation they learnt to also hone a passion for who they are outside the HDL Jewellers group. And, it is now – in the third generation that they know, an individual who has a strong passion for who he/she is, is an invaluable asset to the business. A third-generation business speaks for itself in term of credibility.
  • Perseverance is what made Dolores go the first 7000 miles and perseverance is the quality that unmistakably withstood the test of time in the HDL Jewellers legacy.
  • Honesty is truly one of HDL Jewellers’s best policies. Knowing where they came from, trusting in the Only Great Provider for where they are going to. Being honest with other, but especially with yourself.
  • If you take integrity with you wherever you go, you’ll go far. It remains the key to any good business practice. Investing in the community in which you function is of utmost importance.
  • At HDL Jewellers every client is precious. Every beautiful aspiration for that perfect piece of jewellery is unique. Humanity and personal service is what keeps the HDL Jewellers team close to their customers. A simple touch of the arm, a warm welcoming smile as you enter a store or a solution that is tailor made just for you!

Dolores has a favourite slogan that also gets passed on through the generations at HDL Jewellers:

“Good. Better Best. I will never rest until my good is better and my better is best.” – Dolores Laubscher (a quote from L. van den Heever)

Businesswoman of the year (1987)

Dolores Laubscher was appointed as South Africa’s first small businesswoman of the year in 1987 at a very prestigious event hosted by Old Mutual and Sarie in Johannesburg. It was a particular privilege for the business and it generated a lot of publicity for the business.

Dolores Laubscher was appointed as South Africa’s first small businesswoman of the year in 1987

South Africa’s Small Retailer of the year (2006)

HDL Jewellers was appointed as South Africa’s Small Retailer of the year in 2006. It was a very big privilege to be compared with bigger businesses like Woolworths and other big names. It was once again meant a lot to the business.

Other awards and accomplishments

There were a few highlights within the last couple of years. HDL Jewellers has made jewellery for Mrs South Africa, where she participated in the Mrs Universe competition. One of the biggest honours that came to the Laubsher family, was when the University of the Free State did a MBA study on the HDL Model. Postgraduate students still learn about the ways that the Laubschers do business through their success story.

University of the Free State MBA study