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About Us

The Family

Being firmly rooted in what they believe the Laubscher family has built a legacy of service excellence.

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Who we are

Being not only partners in business, but also partners in marriage, they built a strong foundation of trust instilled in their children and grandchildren. Believing in hard work they have had many successes since HDL Jewellers started in the late 1970’s. Hermias Laubscher, a farmer of profession, believed in his wife’s capabilities and enabled her to live her dream by supporting her every step of the way. Initially he supervised the workshop and was involved with the manufacturing process of the jewellery whilst Dolores took responsibility for the marketing, client services, stock and new designs as the Managing Director of HDL Manufacturing Jewellers. This dynamic-duo raised two enthusiastic entrepreneur sons, Pieter and Johan. Hermias and Dolores mastered the art of knowing when to pass the baton as to ensure an ongoing legacy. Setting this example, their sons will do the same.

Dolores & Hermias Laubscher

Pieter & Sonja Laubscher

Pieter Laubscher joins the professional team at HDL Jewellers in the late 1980’s. In the years to follow he obtained sought after qualifications including a renowned diploma in Diamonds and Diamond and Coloured Stone grading from the Gemmological Institute of America. As a graduated gemmologist he adds value to the HDL standard of workmanship and does valuations on gold and diamond jewellery, pearls, chains and watches. With annual travels to international jewellery fairs in Switzerland, Las Vegas and Hong Kong he assures the very latest trends find their way to your nearest HDL store.

Sonja, his wife, joined the HDL team and family and today she is one of the most precious gems in this family crown. As a qualified Diamond and Pearl Grader she not only adds a distinct feminine touch to the stores but also excels in the HR management of HDL ensuring happy employees who serve happy customers.

Johan & Mylanie Loubscher

Shortly after Pieter joined the family team at HDL, his younger brother, Johan, followed. Being a man of many talents he completed numerous courses in diamond grading including the Diamond Grading Course at the Jewellery Institute of South African and the Diamond Grading Course at the Gemmological Institute of America. He also travels to Switzerland, Las Vegas and Hong Kong to keep up with the market leaders in the industry and grading of jewellery is part of his daily duties.   He specializes in selling of certified diamonds, making custom jewellery designs for clients and marketing HDL.

Mylanie, his wife, is yet another treasured sparkle in the family industry. As manager of the workshop she ensures timeous coordination between the stores and the gold smiths thus delivering the highest quality workmanship on time, every time. She is a Diamond and Pearl Grader and does many of the stock purchases abroad.

Vision for the third generation

All the members of the first and second generation Laubschers agree on one thing… you have to see the bigger picture in everything you do. You need to first find yourself in order to be a future asset to the family business.

Pieter, as an avid adventure biker, loves travelling the African continent and abroad with his bike. Group travels is what excites him other than his passion for HDL Jewellers. Johan, on the other hand, is a farmer like his father and is passionate about growing trees when he is not working at HDL Jewellers. These two men thus find joy in encouraging their children to go and see the world, find their identities in what they are passionate about and then come home. Home… to HDL Jewellers so that yet a third generation of Laubschers can serve the public as one of the leading manufacturing Jewellers of South Africa being well developed individuals.