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“I went down on my knees and said to the Lord...

In the late 70’s Dolores was brave enough to fly to Japan with a dream in her heart & potential sparkling in her eyes. She was on a mission to find a certain business that would unlock the oyster containing her pearls of success. Praying for direction she found what she was looking for. It was the perfect time & the perfect place for the perfect start to a perfect story. Ten years later she was named the first ever Small Business Woman of the year. Today this success story is turning into a second-generation succession. Walking into the HDL Jewellery store in Mimosa Mall or at the specialised HDL Jewellery Repair Centre, will make you feel right at home as the Laubscher family serve you with years of expertise & excellence in the jewellery industry. Come on in…

Our History & Awards

Founded with Heritage, Honored with Prestigious Awards.

Why We are Different

Passion, Perseverance, Honesty
& Integrity

At HDL Jewellers every client is precious. Every beautiful aspiration for that perfect piece of jewellery is unique. Humanity & personal service is what keeps the HDL Jewellers team close to their customers. A simple touch of the arm, a warm welcoming smile as you enter a store or a solution that is tailor made just for you!

Our Value

From a Vision to a Second Generation Legacy

“Good. Better Best. I will never rest until my good is better & my better is best.”

  • Vision for the second generation

    Hermias & Dolores Laubscher, the founders, have retired, & the second generation now fully controls the business. All first & second-generation Laubschers agree on one thing: to be a future asset to the family business, you must first find yourself & always see the bigger picture in everything you do.

  • Mission that motivates

    If ever you saver a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee with the Laubscher’s of HDL Jewellers, a few things will find resonance in your opinion of them. These characteristics are the pillars upon which they continue to build their business legacy: Passion, Perseverance, Honesty & Integrity.


Meet Our Jewellers

Experience the dedication & precision that goes into every piece, ensuring that each
creation is a work of art. Our team's passion & expertise shine through in
every facet of our jewelry-making process.

Dolores & Hermias Laubscher


Hermias & Dolores Laubscher was the very beginning in 1974 of what is now known as HDL Jewellers – a leader in the industry of fine art jewellery.

Being not only partners in business, but also partners in marriage, they built a strong foundation of trust instilled in their children & grandchildren. Believing in hard work they have had many successes since HDL Jewellers started in the early 1970’s.

Hermias Laubscher, the H in HDL, was a farmer of profession, believed in his wife’s capabilities & enabled her to live her dream by supporting her every step of the way. Initially he supervised the workshop & was involved with the manufacturing process of the jewellery whilst Dolores, the D in HDL, took responsibility for the marketing, client services, stock & new designs as the Managing Director of HDL Manufacturing Jewellers. This dynamic-duo raised two enthusiastic entrepreneur sons, Pieter & Johan. Hermias & Dolores mastered the art of knowing when to pass the baton as to ensure an ongoing legacy. Setting this example, their sons will do the same.

Johan Laubscher

Marketing Manager

Johan Laubscher , marketing manager, being a man of many talents he completed numerous courses in diamond grading including the Diamond Grading Course at the Jewellery Institute of South African & the Diamond Grading Course at the Gemmological Institute of America.

Mylanie Laubscher

Diamond and Pearl Grader/ Repair Centre Manager

Mylanie Laubscher , Johan's wife, is yet another treasured sparkle in the family industry. As manager of the HDL Repair Centre she ensures timeous coordination between the store & the gold smiths thus delivering the highest quality workmanship on time, every time. She is a Diamond & Pearl Grader.

Pieter Laubscher


Pieter Laubscher joins the professional team at HDL Jewellers in the late 1980’s. In the years to follow he obtained sought after qualifications including a renowned diploma in Diamonds & Coloured Stone grading from the Gemological Institute of America. As a graduated gemmologist & specialist in CAD Designing he adds value to the HDL standard of workmanship.

Sonja Laubscher

Diamond and Pearl Grader/HR Management

Sonja Laubscher , Pieter's wife, joined the HDL team & family & today she is one of the most precious gems in this family crown. As a qualified Diamond & Pearl Grader she not only adds a distinct feminine touch to the stores but also excels in the HR management of HDL ensuring happy employees who serve happy customers.

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